Charlie Maguire
Long Way to Another Friend

CD Contents:Harbour Lights

Gypsy Woody Play Sample

The Strike Is OnPlay Sample

When's That Train A'Coming


Getting In the Cows Play Sample

The Ballad of Augie Mattsen Play Sample

Long Way to Another Friend Play Sample

The Teton Dam Play Sample

Almost As Good

Goodnight Baby Play Sample

Dan Patch


The Ballad of Tommy Woodgate

Peter Esko

Shelly Salo

Towboat Play Sample

Winter on the Farm Play Sample

You Still Know Love

Rainfall Has Turned to Snow

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Available on CD or cassette, or as two LPs.

LP of "Long Way to Another Friend" contains Gypsy Woody, The Strike Is On, When's That Train A'Coming, Migrating, Getting In the Cows, The Ballad of Augie Mattsen, Long Way to Another Friend, The Teton Dam, Almost as Good, Goodnight Baby, and the bonus cut "Mack White."

LP of "Biography" contains Dan Patch, Busticogan, The Ballad of Tommy Woodgate, Peter Esko, Shelly Salo, Towboat, Winter on the Farm, You Still Know Love, Rainfall Has Turned to Snow, and the bonus cut "The Evening Train."

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