Charlie Maguire: Quotes

"Charlie Maguire is something of a legend in the midwest. He commands a respect far beyond his years with his stories and songs of the heartland of America and the people who live there. This is his second appearance at the Winnipeg Folk Festival and he is sure to bring new songs he's written in the Woody Guthrie tradition...."

-- Winnipeg Folk Festival

"Lee Hays sent me a copy of one of your good letters to him. I hope you keep on writing. Really your songs are damn good and so are you."

-- Pete Seeger
Beacon, NY

"The chances are that you learned your favorite folk songs from singers like Pete Seeger, Joan Baez, Hudy Collins, Arlo Guthrie, Don McLean, the Weavers, and the many 'successful' artists who reach you through recordings, concert halls, books, television and radio. That is, singers who are not, strictly speaking, folksingers at all, but rather, highly professional performers. But strictly speaking, Charlie Maguire is more a folksinger than any of his illustrious predecessors."

-- Lee Hays
Croton-on-Hudson, NY,
Notes to "Long Way To Another Friend"

"Charlie Maguire is a young man who carries a picture of his farming father on the lid of his non-electric guitar case wherever he goes. You can tell he's a farm boy by the songs he writes. And when Charlie comes to town, there ain't no dyin' and there ain't no cruin', cause everybody has nothin' but a good time.... You want to hear him sing neighbor? Well, get your good clothes on, cause Charlie Maguire's coming to town."

-- Apple River Journal

"[Charlie Maguire] "has been turning Minnesota life into art for more than [two] decade[s]."

-- Doug Grow
Minneapolis Star Tribune

"Charlie Maguire carries on the tradition of Wooy Guthrie, Cisco Houston, and others who produces a music which has its roots deep in the best of American Folk Tradition. As a songwiter he looks for inspiration outside in the real world."

-- Vancouver Folk Festival

"Another well-known folkie who leans hard but respectfully on folk music tradition, especially for the sources of his melodies, is Charlie Maguire. Side one is a collection of stories he heard from acquaintances transformed into tunes. If that's not a folk tradition, then Woody Guthrie never rambled across this land.... You can imagine his songs being played in a sociology classroom or a concert hall. Whatever the venue, Maguire applies a census-taker's knowledge to a folk singer's tools of the verifying and musical arrangement. The result is folk lyrics that retain their wide-ranging humanity in song."

-- Doug Grow
Minneapolis Star Tribune

"In addition to numerous workshops concerts and three albums...he recently won a gold medal for a commerical film score composition at New York's International Television and Film Festival."

--Great Hudson River Revival Festival
Poughkeepsie,New York

"I guess almost everyone has seen or heard Charlie Maguire at one time or another. He's appeared on Garrison Keillor's "A Prairie Home Companion"...on the West Bank, in libraries, schools, senior citizen centers, at conventions, seminars, meetings."

--Oliver Towne
St. Paul Dispatch

"Maguire rode the Nordic Trader down to Montreal, and pulled watch with the Filipino mates and crew. He took mess with his shipmates...and absorbed enough material about the Lakes and the Seaway to add a couple of new songs to his repetoire."

--Bill Beck
"Singing about the Lakes"

"I wrote a strange letter boosting your nomination-- an awfully pretentious letter, drawing on some vocabulary I haven't used since I wrote term papers in grad school, trying to make you into the Great White Hope of Midwestern Regionalism or something. If you ever read it, you'd feel ill I suppose...."

--Garrison Keillor
"A Prairie Home Companion" 1985

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