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Words & Music by Charlie Maguire Copyright © Mello-Jamin Music. All rights reserved.

Although I wrote this song about the Mississippi River, "Rivertown" can be about anyplace on any river. I have lived on rivers for years, and no matter where I go, they always make me feel like I do in this song. Written with grateful appreciation and sponship of the National Park Service, I sang "Rivertown" for the first time to inaugurate the establishment of the Mississippi National River and Recreation Area in Saint Paul, Minnesota. It was my first real day on the job as "The Singing Ranger" and I met the Director of the National Park Service, and the Secretary of the Interior on the same afternoon. I said to myself, "Where can I possibly go from here?"

"Rivertown" was chosen as the song to close the Minnesota segment of the "Good Morning America" 50 State-One Nation-One Year Tour, a few years later, which earned the highest ratings of all the tour stops for GMA that week. Featured on Charlie Maguire's CD Great Mississippi. Click on Recordings for ordering information).

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To Play like Charlie: Capo 4th Fret play the G progression (B Major)


Come on down, down to the river

With the water shined up for today
Flowing all night, got me feeling alright

Like a beating heart rolling the hours away
Now I'm ready to go, to celebrate this show
To finally see what has always been around
G                              D
Reminding me and you, what has always been true
C                            G
That we're living in a River Town


B7-C   G
Oh-oh, living in a River Town oh
B7-C   G                 D
Oh-oh, living in a River Town
           G                       B7
No more to turn my back, going to follow that track
C                      A7
To the river I'm going down
G                           D
To spread that word that is finally heard
C                 D
Living in a River Town

Additional verses:

Going to jump down, turn around
Listen to that river sound, where it all began
A highway, byway, up above a flyway
Long before anything was built by hand
Now I'm ready to go to celebrate this show
To finally see what's always been around
Reminding me and you what has always been true
Living in a Rivertown

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