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COVID-19 Guidelines for Live Performance


1.) Arrival by the Performer:

  • Entry into the venue should be through an entrance that is not used by members of the public. Parking should be reserved as close to that entrance as possible.

  • Extra time for set up, any wiping down should be built into the preshow setup.

  • Contact person, stage manager, sound engineer, anyone that comes in contact with the performer should be showing no signs for COVID and be wearing a mask.

  • Any sound equipment, stage area, tables, chairs on stage for use of the performer should be sanitized.

  • The first row in the audience should be 12 feet from the front and sides of the stage.

  • If the performer brings their own sound, no one other than the performer or assigns is allowed to touch or to use that equipment. Needless to say, that also goes for any instruments, cases, stools, etc., provided by the performer.

  • Green Room and furniture therein should be pre-sanitized.

2.) Prior to, and during the Performance:

  • Introductions, any announcements by the venue should be on a mic and a stand that is the property of the venue.

  • There should be a minimum of 6 feet on all sides of the stage. Within that circle--that is the performer’s personal space, in addition to the 12-foot guideline for the first row of audience.

  • No member of the audience or the venue shall approach the stage without permission either before, during, or after the performance without the permission of the performer.

  • (Up to individual performer) CD’s or other Merch shall be sold online only.

3.) After the Performance:

  • Takedown of the sound equipment shall be accomplished only by the Performer or assigns.

  • Payment unless already provided on arrival, shall be in an envelope, and given to the performer by a person wearing a mask.

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