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Organized by album. Songs in red link to lyrics. Check back soon — there's more to come — including a complete alphabetical listing. 
All songs, words and music by Charlie Maguire, Mello-Jamin Music (BMI) All Rights Reserved.

Good Eye Blind.jpg

Good Eye Blind

1     Good Eye Blind

2     Lost Ones

3     I've Come Back (My River)

4     Interstate Of Broken Hearts

5     Stars To You

6     Hotels

7     Sam Smith

8     Northwest Wind

9     I Remember Love

10   G.I. Nightingale

          Rough Trade Suite—

11    First Movement: Rolling On The Deck

12    Second Movement: Every Sailor On Watch

13    Third Movement: On The Beach

14    Fourth Movemen: Les Legionnaires

Headwaters RGB HR.jpg


1     Great Mississippi

2     Take A Look 

3     Light The River

4     First Nations

5     Falling Waters

6     Roll River Journey 

7     Rivertown

8     Pilot Daddy

9     Fishing River

10   Rising Tide

11    Pass The Bowl

12   Pierre Bottineau

13   Old River

14   Reverend Hickman’s Hands

15   Grey And Green

16   The Mather Mountain Party (6:05)


Headwaters includes most of the songs from a previous title of this album, Great Mississippi, along with a new song, “The Mather Mountain Party.”

Wilderness Road.jpg

Wilderness Road

1     Wilderness Road

2     Ozawindib 

3     Itasca 

4     Tower Soudan* 

5     Minnesota Someday 

6     The Split Rock Light Station 

7     Talking Camping

8     Fireside Waltz 

9     Itasca: A Place of Beginnings

10   George Bongas 

11    Mary Gibbs

12   It’s Still There 

13   Life in the “Cees” 

14   The C.C.C. 

15   Fort Snelling* 

16   North Country National Scenic Trail

17   Mystery Cave*

18   Quilter’s Hands 

* These songs were inspired by the Third-Grade Students of Cedar Ridge Elementary School.

Harbour Lights.jpg

Harbor Lights: The Second Voyage

1     I'm From Minnesota

2     Fine Old Lady

3     D. M. & I. R.

4     I Like It Here / Oh Cold And Misery

5     Fire On The Water

6     The Hinkley Fire

7     The Alphabet

8     Darling

9     The B. C. Rail

10   Harbor Lights

11   Talking Home Improvement

12   Fall Is Here

13   Play Us A Waltz

14   L'Etoile Du Nord

15   Heart Island

16   Mary Gibbs

17   George Bongas 

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Main Street Anywhere

Unrecorded songs

Bobby & Darla

Clara Wagner

Double album.jpg

Double album —


Long Way To Another Friend

1     Gypsy Woody

2     The Strike Is On

3     When That Train A'Coming

4     Migrating

5     Getting In The Cows

6     The Ballad Of Augie Mattsen

7     Long Way To Another Friend

8     The Teton Dam

9     Almost As Good

10   Good Night Baby


1     Dan Patch

2     Busticogan

3     The Ballad Of Tommy Woodgate

4     Peter Esko

5     Shelly Salo

6     Towboat

7     Winter On The Farm

8    You Still Know Love

9     Rainfall Has Turned To Snow

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