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Charlie has performed programs for a wide range of audiences. 

He's really great at reading the room and engaging the audience.
—Laurel C., Program Director, Hamline Midway  


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Getting in the Cows” —
Songs & Stories of Life on the Farm

If you ever lived the farming life or wanted to, or if you knew someone who did, you owe it yourself to hear the songs and stories worthy of Smithsonian inclusion in their exhibit “Barn Again.”

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Woody Guthrie's Bound for Glory

Songs interspersed with passages from the book. All ages.

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Pastures of Plenty: Woody Guthrie's Life and Times

Includes some of Woody's best-loved and least-known songs.

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Songwriting Sleuth: Gripping Minnesota Tales!

Songs and ballads written by Charlie Maguire of unsung stories of ordinary people.

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People are People the Whole World Over

This new program uses photography combined with songwriting to examine the immediate world around us. The multidisciplinary program expands on Charlie's award-winning program with Veterans, Operation Sight & Sound. 

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Orphan Train —
Songs and Stories
from the Musical

From the St. Paul History Theatre's hit musical, hear songs by Charlie Maguire about the orphaned children that were shipped by rail from New York slums to farm families in the Midwest between 1858 and 1929. Songs will tug at your heartstrings and bring hope to audiences of all ages. 

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