Charlie has written about many people through his songs but also writes articles about the state's characters and places. (Click to open full articles) 

Walter Halloran.png

Walter Halloran, southern Minnesota WWII veteran and war photographer credited with filming legendary D-Day footage at Normandy. (MN Monthly)

Jane Robinson.png

Jane Robinson, light keeper on the Mississippi. (Big River Magazine)

Alison Kirwin, chef and owner of 12-seat, iconic diner in University of Minnesota's Dinkytown neighborhood. (MN Monthly)

Celebrating Woody Guthrie Star Tribune.p

Celebrating Woody Guthrie on the 100th anniversary of his birth. (Minneapolis Star Tribune)


A friendship based on music and books (Minneapolis Star Tribune)


Tracking the early footsteps of photographer Gordon Parks  (Hennepin History)

6 Linden Yards.jpg

Linden Yards (Hennepin History)

1 Wealthy apple.jpg

Wealthy apple (Hennepin History)

4 Earle Brown.jpg

Earle Brown farm (Hennepin History)

2 Christmas Lake.jpg

Charles Christmas (Hennepin History)

3 Whiskey.jpg

Whiskey the horse (Hennepin History)

5 Teamsters strike.jpg

1934 Teamsters strike (Hennepin History)

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